Lift Off

My first blog post, woohoo! I wanted to talk about how I got so involved with graphics in the first place. When I was 14 I started using Tumblr; it is a microblogging platform which allows users to post media in a short-blog form. Users can follow other users, there are private blogs, celebrity blogs, health blogs. Everything! I became really obsessed with it.

My blog title was called ‘xXx’ because I was (and still) am in love with the band The XX. I blogged images of doodles, paintings, cakes, hairstyles, outfits, and hilarious memes that I’d share with people in my high school. It got to the point where my friends made me a birthday cake shaped like the tumblr logo (hah!) it was a little sad yes, but harmless. Now I’d like to think I am a more refined blogger! This is my personal tumblr which I don’t normally link anywhere, however that is the oldest blog so it’s worth a scroll. I have started up a new tumblr which is more graphic design related. It’s pretty new though so it’s not as lengthy as my personal. Enjoy scrolling!