A new perspective of Metal

This typographic campaign communicates information about the misunderstood culture of Metalheads, hosted by typography library Monotype. The aims of this campaign are to evoke better cultural understanding and celebrate diversity through the power of type.

Metalheads: typically a group of fans or musicians who listen to heavy metal music. This chosen culture creates a subjective tone to the campaign, however the taboo stereotypes of the culture is unexpected and thought provoking to the audience.

Metalheads stereotypes: drunkards, fighters, intimidating, go against mainstream society, satanic and distasteful. Most metalheads are in fact socially and politically aware of their surroundings, and most heavy metal music consists of intellectual topics and opinions.

This campaign’s target audience is generation X and Y, from ages 18 to 50 years old; people who have engaged with the culture in some way, whether that be at bars, concerts, on the street or online. The campaign will encourage the audience to be more open-minded about the culture, it’s aesthetics and beliefs and highlights that most metalheads have intelligent, philosophical and poetic qualities.

The 3D pyramids imitate stud jewels, typically associated with Metalhead fashion. Each pyramid spells out different contrasting words from different viewpoints, highlighting that most Metalheads share common interests with society.

A decorative serif was used in black to represent the harsh stereotypical statements made by people judging metalheads: “Gloomy”, “Strange” and “Scary”, gives a subtle nod to gothic imagery and embodies the sterotyping nature of these words. A sans serif understated and practical font was used in red to represent ordinary nouns that characterise people within society: “Thrill seekers”, “Tea drinkers” and “Chick flick viewers”.

The Metal Match app groups songs into categories of themes like morals, politics and history to help the audience understand and contextualise heavy metal. The app also delivers the cultures latest news, interviews and gigs, providing further information about the culture. The app can be accessed through the QR code on the poster. The website banner consists of photos of the poster showing different perspectives to reveal the contrasting words displayed on the Ticketmaster website, and music related sites that the audience will likely to visit.