The Green Shop Guide

While there’s a new wave of green washing in the media these days, it is by no means a new phenomenon. Many corporations have a long track record of riding green interest and staving off criticism with advertising campaigns and front groups, distracting attention with green PR, denying the impacts of their activities or products and working behind the scenes against environmental regulations.

Greenwashing took root in the 1970s when the growth of the environmental movement brought awareness of ecological damage to the general waxes and wanes with the public and political mood of the times. This latest phase is no different then earlier cycles except that the stakes are higher as global warming looms.

This typographical book is targeted towards families and students in order for them to understand the meaning and significance of Greenwashing. This book also provides advice on how to recognise Greenwashing and to instruct the target audience on how to sort out rubbish and identify trustworthy green product labels.