Vida Olive Oil

The brief was to design packaging for a range of infused luxury Mallorcan olive oils. The key objective was to create a stylish infused olive oil range for the target market, of aesthetic, middle class 20 to 40 year olds who celebrate food and Spanish cuisine. These oils are also aimed towards people who enjoy attractive, aesthetic products.

Another objective is to design a corporate Identity for an Olive company that would make the product believable, established and sophisticated. All of these design objectives should encompass a Mallorcan or Spanish atmosphere.  For the identity for the Olive company, I went with the Spanish word ‘Vida’ which translates to ‘Life’ in English. I chose this name because olives have been part of Mediterranean life since ancient history, and the olive tree generally is very diverse; it is used for nutritious cooking oils, beauty products, the olive fruit itself, olive wood for kitchen utensils and so on.

My unique selling point was that both oils were suitable for sweet and savoury dishes, which broadens opportunities for new recipes, flavours and dressings. Since the olive tree is so multi-purposeful, I wanted this infused olive range to reflect how diverse the olive fruit is. The special versatile flavours of chilli and lime leaf, and basil and fennel have been carefully chosen to compliment fruit pastries, cocktails, chocolate desserts as well as chicken and vegetables.