Silly Sans

Vsauce has been one of my most favourited YouTuber’s of all time. Michael Stevens vlogs about philosophy, science, technology, culture, and many more. Every video is so informative, some are not even that lengthy! In this linked video Michael talks about how Comic Sans as a typeface, does a ‘U’ turn in a sense that it previously was such an uncool typeface that it has gradually became ironic and humorous.

Comic Sans is every Graphic Designers nightmare, no letters are proportional, aligned or correctly kerned. But Comic Sans is now used in memes and funny online posts. ‘Doge’ memes consist of a Shiba Inu dog with multicoloured text in Comic Sans. The words represent internal monologue of the dog and purposely written in a grammatically incorrect manner, pretty cute/silly to be honest.

The infamous Sans personally reminds me of primary school homework booklets and wall collages. The font was obviously perfect for kids to learn to read and write with due to its exaggerated shapes and forms. Vincent Connare the type designer of Comic Sans made a pretty revolutionary font in my opinion. The font gained controversial publicity, but as a whole was the font was impactful in the world of type and I admire Connare for causing this commotion.